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    Mushrooms blooming in the tree bark

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  5. I’m in a pretty good place in my life but it’s taking me a while getting used to being in the US again. I also miss Barcelona and my friends there. I miss Manuel too but I’ll see him soon and when I do we’re going to visit the Canadian Rockies so that’s actually pretty cool.

    Anyway I just can’t believe how fast life is moving atm.

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    Grey fluffe obserb the OFFENSE public desplay kissus with the DISAPPROV

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    The Times of Israel is a zionist online newspaper founded by a former reporter from the right-wing zionist Jerusalem Post. Its blog section is always filled with incitement and propaganda against Palestinians. Today, however, they crossed a line. Although the moral repugnancy of this sentiment gave no one working at this rag second thoughts, the backlash on twitter has now forced the editors to remove the piece. 

    The name of the author is Yochanan Gordon. May this haunt him for the rest of his pathetic life.

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    Benjamin Doherty of the Electronic Intifada managed to save a cached version of the whole article here. It’s exactly as vile as you’d expect.

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  9. (by Sabino)

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    dont u hate it when u have a romantic dream about someone who u never thought about in a romantic way and then u wake up and have some weird crush on them like wtf subconscious why u gotta do this to me

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    a fairy tale where the princess stuck in the tower has nothing better to do so she just works out all the time and gets ripped and kills the dragon herself

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  14. Buffalo’s best, aka the world’s best donuts.

  15. Alpaca baby love.